Merry Christmas To All!

I say that not to offend anyone.

I celebrate Christmas, so to me, I am expressing who I am.

And I would hope that you express to me your holidays and help me understand who you are.

I’m also a marketer who realizes that not everyone celebrates Christmas.

So for me to stop pitching, selling, posting or otherwise stop sharing what I do and how I can help others doesn’t help those that don’t celebrate my holidays.

I saw a post from someone who was very adamant about not wanting her fans, friends or followers to pitch to her while she celebrated Christmas. And I asked if she stopped pitching when others were celebrating their religious holidays. Of course not.

Then I read another’s post about stopping all campaigns for 3 days over Christmas as no self-respecting Christian would buy over the holiday.

Pfft, what decade are we in?

Here is a marketer using the power of the internet to sell and he thinks people will stop buying for 3 days while they celebrate.

Marketing never stops.

And even the most die-hard Christmas lover will buy something over the holiday. Heck, Chinese Restaurants are the busiest this time of year. Why? Because some holiday revelers don’t feel like cooking. Imagine if the Chinese Restaurants closed as a sign of respect for all those celebrating Christmas?

Hard to imagine, right?

Well, to stop pitching is the same way.

If you don’t want to be pitched to, sold to, or educated about some product some way…lock yourself in your house, close the blinds, turn the lights off, disconnect your TV, radio and cell phone and turn off the computer. Oh, and don’t talk to anybody.

…have a Merry Christmas, now pass the fried rice!

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