Should You Post Once A Day Or Multiple Times A Day?

Hi. I’m Rob Anspach and I’ve been teaching social media for many, many years. I even wrote a couple books about it. The question is about posting frequency. Most of you will post many times during the day on your personal Facebook profile. Maybe even multiple times on your Twitter. When it comes to your business page, when it comes to building trust with your fans, friends, and followers, how many times do you really post during the day?

A lot of the clients that I do business with, that I help get them engagement, fans, friends, likes, they started out posting once a day. To some of you, posting once a day is going to be kind of a nightmare because you panic.

You don’t know what to post.

You don’t know what to say.

Do you run a sales ad? Do you try to build a belief in what you do with the community? Once a day may have been good enough, but lately, I’ve been finding that when you post three or four times a day, your likes sky rocket. Your engagement sky rockets. The comments that people give you are more genuine.

We took a client that was posting once a day, getting maybe a hundred likes a month, which to everybody that might sound great, we went to posting three to four posts a day and now he’s getting 500, 600, a thousand likes. That’s new fans every month. The ROI, the return on investment for him is off the charts. It’s a no-brainer for him because he knows what his typical client is worth. The more he posts, the better chance he has at capturing more clients. If you think that it’s hard to post once a day, try posting three or four times a day, but you know what? It gets easy.

I want to tell you a trick.

Make each day a theme day.


You already have ThrowBack Thursdays. Why not make Saturdays, Social Saturday, so you share something that happened in your community on your social pages? For Sundays, I like to do what’s called “Weekend Wisdoms”. Little quotes that I post. That really helps my clients open up and give their little bits of wisdom to their fans. Mondays could be Motivation Mondays. Tuesdays could be Testimonial Tuesdays. Wednesdays you could post a video. Fridays maybe a blog post. Every day during the week, you have it themed out. So you know what’s going on.

Every day you could ask a different question to your audience to help build engagement. Curating and creating content is not has hard you make it out to be…it just takes a little bit of effort and some imagination.

Social media is not hard, but it takes some thinking.

It’s not about posting salesy, coupony stuff day in and day out. People don’t like being sold. They want you to engage with them, to be human, to enter into a conversation. That’s all it is. The more that you do that, the more your fans, friends, and followers will grow and that’s what you want, to grow your business.

Hey, I’m Rob Anspach. Have a wonderful day and if you get a chance, read my books. They’ll help you. Adios.

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