The debate of which social network is better really comes down to personal preference.

Yes, some will argue one is better than another and forego the rest. Most do so, because they don’t understand how the others work or what each one represents or they simply don’t want to learn something new.

So, I’ll take a minute or so and just break down the 9 7 most popular ones.


Here we go…

Twitter – users are typically A.D.D high octane coffee drinkers who like chaos.

Google+ – these are the tech heads who love to do webinars. Nope, Google finally killed Google+ Oct 2018

Instagram – people who love taking pics of themselves in various locations.

Pinterest – most likely designed by women to give their husbands more projects to do.

LinkedIn – where the movers, shakers and business decision makers hang out.

Foursquare – the place to tell everyone where you are and where you’re not. That’s so 2014.

Snapchat – the place for millennials to hang out, post content and share locations

YouTube – millions of videos uploaded daily to entertain, educate and engage your mind.

Facebook – a combination of the above with added games, pokes and more drama.

Seriously though…from a guy who teaches social media and has written two  3 books on the subject maybe my view is a bit jaded…NAH!

The more I engage people on these networks the more I’m convinced each one serves its own purpose and without the others they would fall apart. It’s a push/pull approach. They rely on each other for an audience yet compete with each other for market share.

Do you have to partake in all of them? NO!

My suggestion…pick three and master them.

Decide which audience you are after and concentrate your efforts on those.

It’s not always as easy as it sounds but once you understand what each network does and what they bring to your table, it will easier to serve your audience the right posts.

Why do I share this great information?

Well, if you’re like most entrepreneurs you’re probably concerned with how to maximize social media for your business and well, make some money with it right? Learning what each network does so you don’t go wasting time mastering the ones you’re never going to use. This is something I do everyday for my clients. And, it’s something I can help you with too. If you’d like to learn more about me and how I can help you profit from social media call me at (412)267-7224 today.


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