Personality Marketing: Using Your Book To Qualify Your Ideal Client.

…what Adam Urbanski thought of Rob Anspach and his “Rob Versus” book series.

         One of the conversations I am having a lot with clients is about attracting the right audience, that’s actually attracting the right clients to your own business. How do you do that? Well, I’m Adam Urbanski mastermind and marketing mentor, and I want to use this opportunity to thank Rob Anspach (and Rob, I hope I pronounce your last name correctly) for a gift he sent me. To highlight the great marketing idea and opportunity and to teach a lesson around this as well. So here’s a quick background story, I scrolled through Facebook news feed, actually not newsfeed, Facebook stories. And I see what looks like book covers that look pretty interesting. And I thought that maybe Rob just made a mock ups of books and kind of an idea you’re starting with, but I made the comment, like all those titles are hilarious and the subtitles are even more hilarious.

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         And he immediately messages back and says, “Hey, would you like me to send you a copy?” I’m like, wow, of course. Right. It looks like a fun read and he sends me a copy. So look, before I dive deeper into the story and share with you kind of the brilliance of this whole marketing approach, how do you attract the right type of clients to yourself? Well, number one, you change the messaging. You message in a way that resonates with your ideal clients and repels those who don’t want to work with. Number two, you show your personality, you showcase your personality, right? So here we go. Rob, huge thank you for sending me the books. What I wanted you to guys to see this, right? He didn’t just send me one book. He sent me four and I’ll tell you a little bit about what’s so brilliant behind this.

         So here we go, Rob Versus The Spammers. Sorry, Scammers. Fantastic. Rob Versus The Entitled, Rob Versus The Morons. And then you’ve got Rob Versus Humanity. Rob this is freaking awesome. So I’ll leave it to you guys to reach out to Rob and get the books. I think you can get them all on Amazon. I got through all four of them in the last couple of evenings, cause they are fairly quick read at about a hundred or so pages a pop. But here’s, what’s interesting. So of course, Rob is using this as positioning as way to get in the door, right as reciprocity, like he’s just giving me a gift now. I may feel obligated to respond some in some way or reciprocate in some way, but here’s another brilliant part about it. You know, I have the book, “Fastest Path To Cash”, I guess I should have a copy of it on my desk to show you that, which is kind of a technical, how to book.

         Rob took a very different approach. He’s showcasing his personality. He’s got sarcasm, just oozing out of him. And he’s using this to filter clients. If someone does not enjoy that kind of approach, the smartest, a sarcastic approach to life that would not appreciate doing business with him. On the flip side, if someone really appreciates this, if someone has a fairly short fuse towards scammers, the entitled and the morons in the world, then they’re likely to go like, oh my gosh, I found my guy. So in the book, Rob highlights his work. He talks about what he does. He, in between the lines indicates that he is the best at what he does and that’s why people come to him, but he doesn’t do it in an overt way. He doesn’t do it by teaching tips. Here’s how to do XYZ.

         He does it by sharing just hilarious stories and letting his personality shine through the books. So again, Rob, thanks for the gift. I appreciate this and the lesson for all of us. Look, I’ll have to ask Rob how long it takes him to write these books that are about 125 pages a pop. I know that I did mine. I wrote mine. I sold the first 500 copies, wrote published. So the first 500 copies blasts in, in seven days. Seven days from the idea to actually having the book in the hand, having sold 500 copies of it in seven days. So I know it’s fairly quickly. I know that cost just a couple of bucks a pop to get them going and look what a great way to differentiate yourself from just this video newsfeed email, you know, in someone’s hands physically, someone says, Hey what do you do or great to connect?

         What a way to start the relationship by giving a gift and say, can I send you a copy of my book? So different, right? So how much time do you need this? Do you need a week? I can get your own book going and reach out to my other friend, Donna Kosik was going to write a book in a weekend program that can teach you how to get a quick book then. But the whole idea is, look, use your personality, use the sense of humor and use messaging that resonates with the type of clients you want to resonate with. You want to attract and repel the people you don’t. There we go. So thanks again, Rob for the books. I appreciate this. I wanted to give you the shout out and for everybody else, hopefully you’ve got some good ideas and a good lesson out of that. Until next time. Here’s to your success. Cheers.

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