Back in my day we worked for our chocolate milk.

Oh yeah…none of this easy opening shit, nope! We had one product that taught us all the skills we needed in life. It was the Nestle Quik package with the metal lid.

This product created character, taught you physics, patience and dexterity. If you wanted chocolate milk, let me tell you, you really worked for it. Somedays it would take 20 minutes to pry that @#!%$^& metal lid off to get to the chocolatey powder inside. Then you’d put two heaping spoons full of it (3 or 4 if you shredded your knuckles while opening the lid) into a cold tall glass of milk. Then you’d guzzle it, all while bandaging your bloody knuckles.


Aaahh, these kids today got it easy. Plastic pop tops that take less than a second to flick off. No busted up hands or fingers. No MacGyver skills required. The only thing they need is to find a spoon to mix the powder. Well they do need to figure out what type of milk they will put their Quik mix in…cow, goat, soy, oat, coconut, cashew, almond, hemp, rice or even pea milk. So there’s that I guess.


Anyway…for those older like me, the next time you enjoy a glass of chocolate milk (if you can still drink milk, if you’re not lactose intolerant) remember the lessons that the Quik metal box taught you.

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