This is not a solicitation call.

We have been monitoring your credit cards for the last 6 months and can offer you a lower interest rate than what you are currently paying. Press #1 to speak to one of our experienced team members who will share with you how this {scam} works.

Sir, I see you pressed 1 for a lower interest rate, before we continue can you tell me the expiration date of the highest balance card you have?

Me: Where are you located?

Call taker: Georgia, Atlanta Georgia

Me: Oh and you are just randomly calling people?

Call taker: No Sir, we are working with Experian to offer their customers an opportunity to lower their credit card interest rates.

Me: Hmm, why is Experian giving out my information?


Me: Why?

Call taker: Sir, we want to give you the best rate possible. Now please read the toll free number on back of the card.

Me: hang on…need to put my glasses on

Call taker: Okay Sir, take your time

Me: I put my bifocals on, but the print is too small I can’t see the toll free number

Call taker: Okay Sir, can you read the entire 16 digits on the card to me?

Me: Since you already have confirmed you have my information, then why do I need to read off the entire 16 digits of the card?

Call taker: Its for your security Sir.

Me: Huh, you would think if it was for my security, you would have asked my name at the beginning of the call to make sure I was actually the right person.

Call taker: bhenchod {Indian and Pakistani slang for…well just look it up…its not nice}

Me: Oh, so you’re not in Atlanta Georgia then…mostly likely Pakistan.

Call taker hangs up.

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