Grr…stop using this tired and very overused LinkedIn template.

Hello Rob,
I see we have some mutual connections. It looks like you do some impressive work, so I was compelled to reach out and connect here on LinkedIn – if you are open to that please accept.
Warmly, Dave
Mutual connections? Yeah, that’s what LI wants you to think.
Impressive work? I bet you say that to all your soon to be connections. I also bet you haven’t even looked at my profile to see what that impressive work really is.
Compelled? As if some mystic force took over your mind and instructed you on what to do.
If I’m open to that? Nope, denied.
Okay, if I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a million times, if you wish to get better results from LinkedIn then your approach needs to not scream “I’m desperate for friends“.
(1) remove all mention of mutual connections – no one cares
(2) if you say someone does impressive work actually mention something about them that impresses you.
(3) don’t use the word compelled unless you are actually being mind-controlled
(4) and saying you are open means you are accepting everyone and my connection is no longer special
Here’s how I would rephrase Dave’s message to me…
Hi Rob,
Wow, you’ve written a lot of books, that’s impressive. I see you also help professionals with their authority marketing. I would love to learn more about that.
Yup, that’s how you do it. You don’t need to beg for the friendship. You don’t need talk about mutual connections. And you don’t need to act so desperate.
Start learning to use LinkedIn the right way and you’ll find that your connections will actually help you grow and prosper.
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