I don’t solicit, cold call or reach out blindly to people…

(people meaning entrepreneurs, business managers & CEOs)

and here’s why…

typically, the person has no idea who I am or what I can do for them.

But they have a non-business friend who is well intentioned but doesn’t really know how to approach them.

So their friend reaches out to me first for help.

And each chat, phone call or email usually goes the same way…


Hey Rob, can you reach out to my friend I know he could use your services.

Me: Well if they’re interested have them call me.

Rob, I know you can help them.

Me: I probably could, but I rarely solicit. I don’t chase after clients, they come to me. I find the whole calling a stranger thing a bit non-trusting. And since my whole philosophy is about trust creation and cold calling doesn’t evoke trust in any way….I just don’t do it.

Okay I will ask them if they need your help, what do you charge so I can give them an idea.

Me: My price is based on actual need, it’s not menu driven. So telling them I charge “x” when then need “y” doesn’t allow them to get a full picture of what I’m doing for them.

Well can you ballpark it for me?

Me: Look I have clients paying me as low as $500 a month to some paying me over $6500 a month.

I don’t think they can afford you.

Me: See, you have already assumed based on me throwing out a price, they can’t afford me.

Okay, let me ask them if they need help.

Me: (thinking to myself) Never going to happen.

Rob, I reached to them and they said they don’t need outside help at the moment.

Me: That’s what I figured.

Huh, you knew they would say that?

Me: Yup, it’s a typical response.

Explain please.

Me: Everyone around them knows they need help, they know their friend’s online marketing is horrible and in most cases they know they can’t afford much in the way of a real consultant. So when friends try to help, the business owner(s) insists they are in control and everything is a-okay. It’s not really. And, eventually when it’s almost too late the business owner will reach out for help, but by then there is no money, no clients and very little hope…and yet the business owner expects me to give them that one magic elixir that will make everything better. It doesn’t work that way.

Well, I’m disappointed.

Me: Don’t be. It’s not your fault, you’re just trying to help them. Unfortunately, like most entrepreneurs, they don’t like the idea of an outsider coming in and changing stuff….even if it makes things better. Yet, those entrepreneurs who see the advantages of bringing on a person to help them with their marketing find it makes a huge difference in their growth, their profits and how their community perceives them,



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