Your website was lost in the digital void…

…people were searching but they couldn’t find it.

You hire me to optimize the site and after a month it’s showing up on page 2 and 3 of Google.

But you’re mad at me, because you’re not on page 1 yet.

You wonder what’s taking so long.

You heard all these amazing things about my Google skills and yet your site is not showing up where you want it.

Again I explain my process.

You question my skills.

You question what I’m charging.

Yet, never once do you think it’s your fault.

Oh, but the fact that you haven’t added any content to your site in years, or made any videos or even shared your website to your social network is inconsequential, you place the blame of not ranking on page 1 of Google after 30 days on the guy who is trying to help you.

SEO requires patience…simple as that!

For years, you neglected the very thing that I’m now fixing in order for you to start benefitting from…and you think with the snap of my fingers I can instantly put you on page 1…um, nope, doesn’t work that way.

Sure there are some who claim that they can get you listed on page 1 within hours, or even days…but be careful, those who claim they can do that are using nefarious techniques that can get your website quickly blacklisted from the search engines.

Everything we do here at Anspach Media is above board, and based on the protocols set by Google. Which means that when we optimize your website we are doing so to keep your site in the good graces of Google while at the same time attracting the right clients into your funnel.

It takes time. 

While others concentrate on ranking your website for 4-5 keywords at most, that’s not how we do things and not how your site should be found.

Every page of your website is unique and deserves it’s own unique keywords and phrases. So when the website is completely optimized there might be 35-50 keywords and phrases ranking the website across Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Yup, time and patience.

So after being lost in the void of the Google-verse, now your site is starting to show up on page 2 or 3 after a month of working our magic and instead of complaining you should be happy. Your site is now showing up. And if we continue to work our SEO magic another 30 days your website will rank even higher. And maybe after 3 months you’re reaping the benefits of page 1 ranking.

But it’s more than “once and done”.

The fix it and forget strategy no longer works as a long term strategy and eventually your website will need to be re-optimized. So if you think hiring us to work our magic over a 90 day period is all you’ll need, well it’s not. SEO is continuous journey that keeps your site ranking properly and where it’s supposed to so the right audience comes to you.

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