Seems the newest trend word is “authority”.

Every guru out there is saying create “authority” and people will flock to you in droves.

Sure, it sounds easy right?

I mean they are pretty much telling you step-by-step the way to do it. Seems like a no-brainer. And, they have programs and marketing packages to sell you that make it oh so easy.

Yet, the more people that are creating “authority” the less consumers are trusting them.

Here’s why…

Money is the byproduct of trust creation. People need to trust you before they will spend their hard earned dollars on you.

Authority is supposed build trust, yet it’s coming off as just another salesman with a new tool. Read my latest newsletter…watch my videos…see me on the news…just keep your eyes on me and listen to what I say…yada, yada,yada!

Trust creation is different then authority…and if done right, will actually produce better results and make you the “go-to” expert in your field.

Trust begins with listening not preaching. Your clients need to know that you are there for them. That who they are matters.

Take for example a doctor. They spend years studying medicine in order to get the designation of “Doctor”. That title sounds authoritative right? But it still doesn’t illicit trust. It’s what that doctor does that sets him apart. It’s how the doctor’s patients react to him/her that builds trust.

Do lawyers have authority? Yes! Well, apart from the thousands of over done lawyer jokes…telling people you’re a lawyer does have an authoritative ring to it. Now, to the trust part. A trusting lawyer…hmm. Sorry, I started thinking about those jokes again.

Lawyers have gotten a bad rap over the years so trusting them is not normally what consumers think of first. It’s that lack of trust that gets consumers into trouble when selecting the right lawyer for their needs.

One of my friends, a brilliant Medical Malpractice Attorney in New York, has used authority and trust as way to show consumers why his practice goes above and beyond to educate consumers to win them over. His name is Gerry Oginski and he’s been using the power of video for the last 8 years to build trust and attract followers. And yes, it’s given him a wee bit of authority and helped him launch a second career teaching lawyers how to use video.

Ironically, when you listen to Gerry’s story about why he started using video…it wasn’t to make him the authority figure…it was to build trust so consumers felt comfortable hiring him. And now, thousands of videos later (yes, I said thousands) he’s one of the most prominent Medical Malpractice Attorney’s in the state of New York.

Trust creation builds authority…but creating authority doesn’t necessary translate to trust.

Why do I share this great information with you?

Well, if you’re an entrepreneur you’ve probably heard someone mention “authority” and how it can help you. And it can if created the right way. And I’m sure you have questions. Well, this is something I do everyday to help entrepreneurs just like you get on track to have the best year ever and I do it through trust creation. And there’s no better place right now to help build trust then social media. And I say that not because I’ve written two books on social media, but because the majority of my clients now come from social networking sites.

If you’d like to learn more about me and how I can help you build trust call me at (412)267-7224 today.



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