Every path is paved with gold, the problem is that most don’t want to go through the effort to uncover it and show it off.– Rob Anspach

Oh, yes…every path is paved with gold. And each one of us has the ability to discover where his or her path will take us and the financial rewards it will grant us. Sadly, there are those who will squander their skills and resources and never realize their path contains riches.

Or they doubt the path they are on is the right path and they never once open their eyes to the riches in front of them.

They could also have been tainted by the many lies they have been told by others who have failed to earn their fortunes; the entrepreneur who was’t savvy enough to look at the opportunities presented, the multi-level marketer who over-promised then couldn’t deliver or the naysayer who convinced you your dream wasn’t worth pursuing.

I was once told as I was helping a client…”the road is paved with gold“.  And although I smiled, I wasn’t convinced he had the ability to show me how to benefit from a gold paved road. Yes, he was a much loved speaker and author, but I didn’t click with him and so the path he said was paved in gold, looked more like gravel and dirt and I really didn’t want to participate.

You see, even though he was making money…he never saw the path as one he could share with others. So he was basically using others to make sure the path was always paved with gold for him only.

Not cool!

Those who are willing to share their dreams and take their friends with them down the paved road are more inclined to make all involved rich beyond their imaginations.

Some people no matter what they endeavor in always seem to make money. They seem to be magnets to success. They could leave in the morning with no money in their pockets and at the end of the day could come home with a small fortune. Yet, others no matter how they try never seem to make any money, and the path they travel tends to keep them broke. I bet you know a few of these types.

Hey, I felt like many, years ago, thinking that I was going down the wrong path because I wasn’t making the money I really needed. It wasn’t until I realized I was on this path for a reason. And that reason was to teach me experience, teach me passion, grant me stories worthy of telling all while granting me the knowledge to become better than who I was. My path was getting brighter with each passing day.

Your experiences, your stories, your passions and your knowledge can make you money and turn that path you are traveling down into a financial fortune. Understand where your journey is taking you and what you’ve accomplished along the way and use it as a tool to help others and they will reciprocate with compensation.

Everyone’s path is different…but each one can lead to a brighter future. It’s up to you. How bright you might be asking? Well, that’s up to you. The more you apply yourself, take action, learn, and grow the better chance your path with start to shine bright.

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