Why are some people more successful at social media than others?

Would you like to know the answer?

Hi, I’m Rob Anspach, and I’ve been teaching social media for a long, long time, I even wrote a couple of books about it. One of the reasons I believe that people are successful at social media and others aren’t, is the lack of understanding of the human condition. Those that are successful at it, make social media more of a conversation, they make it more about being human, they make it more about being real and raw. You see people posting videos, getting on live streaming, or posting how they feel or asking questions. Those are the ones having success.

The others, what I’ve noticed is they post a mishmash of stuff, it doesn’t even make sense. They’ll post links to articles that don’t point back to their own blog, they share stuff that is irrelevant to the conversation.

Social media is not rocket science.

It’s just taking the time to understand who your customers are or who your fans, friends and followers are, and adjusting the conversation to them. That’s all! You can ask questions, you can ask about the weather, you can ask all kinds of things, but it has to be about them, about the experience that they’re going to get from you. It needs to give them a reason why to keep coming back to your fan page.

I even have social media companies coming to me, “Rob, what are we doing wrong?

If you’re struggling with social media reach out to me, let me take a look at what you’re doing. I’ll give you pointers and those pointers will lead you in a different direction, give you better engagement. Now, if you want my company to help you formulate your monthly postings, that’s something we can do as well. We do this for lawyers, doctors, professionals, and even other social media companies.


Because I understand how to get engagement.

Here’s what I want you to do?

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Anyway, make your social media about the user experience, create a conversation, just be real.

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