I mentioned this years ago as a possibility,

as I saw how it was being manipulated at the time…and you’d think people would have done something.

Oh they did alright, just not the way that was expected.

What started out as a social experiment to bring friends together has become a weapon used to bring down societies.

Facebook and Twitter have become the hotbeds for fact checking, news jacking and wide spread fear mongering.

These two social platforms with their community rules that only apply to those who go against the narrative at the time. Those same rules are ignored to help fuel the fire of dissent and mass destruction.

Killing, looting, vandalizing, spreading fear and retribution have become those posts that are shared constantly.

Whereas love, life, freedom and laughter get very little traffic.

Sad isn’t it…the very thing that was supposed to bring the world closer has become weaponized and is being used to destroy us.

Most social networks can stop these types of posts at anytime…they have the power.

They’ve done it before.

Unfortunately, its seems that power is only used when they want the narrative changed. Because, bad news brings traffic to their social realms. And the more people using their networks the more advertising revenue they generate.

And we the people are helping by spreading the negative which exacerbates that rage. And we use the newest injustice as our fuel source which then becomes the catalyst that is used in the real world to burn it down.

Then the cycle continues…

Images, posts, feelings, interpretations and opinions are displayed in our feeds designed to encourage us to be disharmonious to our fellow human beings. And it’s working.

“Love they neighbor”…

…has been replaced with…

  • Racism
  • Religious Hate Crimes
  • Distrust of law enforcement
  • Violence
  • Killing
  • Stealing
    …and the list goes on and on.

But like I said…bad news sells.

And it’s spread by the very people who think sharing that bad news will bring them closer to their fans, friends and followers. Yet, then they wonder why everyone is mad at them, or arguing with them or screaming that their post is not in any way, shape or form fit for human consumption. Oh, and curse words are shared, threats are lobbied and sometimes real world fights break out, which are shared by others on their social feeds.

Yeah…isn’t it grande!

And here’s the kicker, even after the fights, the looting and all the virtual piles of shit thrown at each other…we still keep checking our phones for the next notification from our glorious social media overlords.

Each and everyone of you has the power not to respond to the negative. You don’t have to be manipulated anymore. You can choose not to reply to posts or share videos of violence.

Seriously, do you like how the world has become? Cities on fire, curfews, violence…nah, I’ll pass on those things. That’s not my idea of a good life. I don’t think it’s anyone’s idea of a good life, yet here we are. Let’s change it together.

The fastest way to bring about peace is to not respond to the negative, toxic behaviors so prevalent on social media.

Who’s with me?

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