Hi Sir this is Cindy at American Financial Center calling to see if you need more money?

Me: well Cindy I’m glad you called

Cindy: we help Americans like you keep more of the money they earn.

Me: well thats nice

Cindy: Sir, do you work?

Me: well, you can say that.

Cindy: what is it that you do Sir?

Me: I rob banks for a living?

Cindy: well Sir, that’s nice, we can help you save the money you earn at your bank job.

Me: really, wow, so you gonna help me launder the money then?

Cindy: Sir, I’m not certain what you said.

Me: Oh, I think you heard me…I rob banks and I need you to launder the money okay.

Cindy: Sir, do you owe money to any credit cards?

Me: well, do you mean my own credit cards or the money that I charge to other people’s cards?

Cindy: Sir how much total do you think you owe?

Me: oh, from all the cards I scammed from people all over the globe about 5 million

Cindy: is that on 1 or more cards

Me: oh, about 300 of them

Cindy: do you know the interest you are paying?

Me: zero

Cindy: well Sir, I don’t think you really need our service

Me: what gave it away?


HAHA, wasting yet another scammers time.

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Rob Versus The Scammers

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