When your car breaks down, do you fix it yourself or take it to a trusted automotive mechanic that can diagnose the problem then select the right parts to enable you to get back on the road quickly? Some would indeed try to fix the problem and maybe they would guess correctly and get the car running again.

However in most cases those “do it yourself” types would misdiagnose the problem buy part after part and maybe eventually get the car operating again. But at what cost? Lots of time…money…and aggravation.

This scenario plays out in most industries and sadly, many try to do it themselves with disastrous results.

Same goes for writing.

And in today’s content filled fast paced social adventure…writing tends to fall in the category of “I can do that too” mentality.

Sure you can!

But do you have the time?

This is why ghostwriting has become an integral part of society…saves time, money, aggravation and allows the client to focus on what they do best.

In order to educate, entertain and engage our audience, build trust and attract fans, friends and followers utilizing articles, blogs, websites, social sharing sites, print and digital books takes time and effort. And, quite frankly if you’re not a writer, becomes a grueling task that is neither rewarding or effective.

So, yes a ghostwriter helps fix those broken parts of your communication and allows the free flow of thoughts, feelings and emotions to shine through so your audience senses YOU and not some “writer for hire” service.

A ghostwriter needs to convey YOU to others in such a way so YOU come across to the audience as the person who wrote the piece.

Not all ghostwriters are created equal. And, just because they the writer graduated from some prestigious school with an MBA in linguistics doesn’t mean they can interpret your voice to the world.

How do they write? Is it stuffy and boring or does it flow like a normal conversation? You see I find those with degreed letters behind their names miss out on the human element…they strive for word perfection instead of trust creation.

Huh, what? Trust creation is that single most important element in building a relationship with someone that convinces them you are the authority in what you do. If the writer uses words that are too technical for the audience or doesn’t compel the reader to take some sort of action then the writer has failed.

So, when selecting a ghostwriter to rev up your articles, blogs, books, social content and more choose one that understands YOU, that can write in YOUR voice and believes in YOUR vision.


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