I get that question a lot.

And the long and short answer is…YES and NO!

Let me explain…

Typically, when a website is designed, the web developer and the customer pick a few key words that might exemplify the product or service that is being offered. And if those keywords are used in a search then the website will show up in rankings. Maybe!

However, being that most keywords that are picked by the developer and customer really don’t reflect the true words used by the consumer your website might not get the traffic desired and sadly, no sales will occur.

This happens frequently. Well, okay…more then most developers will let on.

Keywords are like accents to foreigners…some will make total sense, some will sound off and some will just sound crazy.

The key is to find the words that make the most sense so consumers can find you. It’s not about using big, fancy or technical words that only a 1/1000th of 1% of the population will ever use…it’s about using keywords and phrases that are used by the average, every day JOE. Now, if you’re in a niche market, offer a premium service or some sort of private membership than by all means make your keywords more exclusive and technical, but if you are trying to attract a broader market, then you need stop trying to be “smarter than a fifth grader!”

Dumb down your keywords and phrases. Yes, I said that! Use common keywords coupled together to enhance your ranking power. For example the keyword “carpet cleaning” might be used to find a local rug cleaner. To some there is no difference between a carpet and a rug. To others a rug is a fine piece of art that is both eloquent and prestigious.

So if I typed “fine navajo area rug cleaning manhattan” into Google you might notice Running River Rug Cleaning shows up under the ads on the first page…not just once, but twice. And you’ll notice that each listing is keyworded slightly different. This is to compliment and compete with each other to help with rankings.

Now if you are looking for a Medical Malpractice Attorney and you happen to live in New York, then you would use the key phrase “New York Medical Malpractice Attorney”. And if using Google, you again might notice Oginski Law in your search results.

Those are just two examples of why using longer phrases actually improves ranking and yes, impacts sales.

Now, when you focus on a single word or phrase you are competing against hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of listings that ultimately make your search results pointless and does nothing to impact sales.

By focusing on longer more natural phrases your website ranks higher to those that are searching and you end up with clients that (1) are more specific in what they are looking for, (2) have more deep-down need for your services and (3) are typically looking for a detailed, more thorough and professional product or service.

Why do I share this great information with you?

Well, you probably have questions regarding SEO (search engine optimization) and how to improve rankings to enhance your sales. This is something I do everyday. I answer your questions and help entrepreneurs get their websites noticed by the search engines and by consumers alike. If you have concerns about your website, I’d be happy critique it. I’ll explain why it’s not ranking and how it can be improved. To learn more about me and what I can do for you call me direct at (412)267-7224 today.


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