Hello, thank you for calling XYZ co

Can I get your name.
{so I give them my name}

Sir, that name is not on file.

Me: Of course it isn’t, the account is in my business name.

Okay we will look up the account based on number you are calling on.

Me: Why?

Sir, hang on please while I look up your account.

Me: Grr

Sir, that number doesn’t match our files.

Me: Yes, well you’re just following the script.

Sir what is your phone number?

Me: How about I just give you the account number?

I think we can look up your account that way.

{so I rattle off the account number}
{call taker finds my account}

Sir is your ship to address __________?

Me: yes

And your billing address ___________?

Me: That’s correct

Okay how can I help you?

Me: I would like to order _________

Sir, that is a different department, I will transfer you now.
{1970’s disco music plays while on hold}

{Call Taker #2 with a deep smokers voice comes on the line.}

Sir, may I have your name?

Me: For the love of Pete, I already gave the first person my information.

Sir, humor me.

Me: A Priest, A Rabbi and The President walk into a bar

Sir, I don’t understand.

Me: never mind

Sir, can I have your name please
{I Give my name}

Sir, that name doesn’t show up in my system.


Sir, I will need to transfer you to another department as your name is not being found.

Me: I don’t want to live anymore, just shoot me please.

Sir, I assure the next department can help you.

{Call Taker #3 with a thick foreign accent comes on the line.}

Sir, may I have your name?

Me: NO! I’ve already told all my information to 2 other people, go find them and get the notes from them.

Sir, I am in a separate department, on a different floor.

Me: Run Forest Run

Sir, I don’t think you understand the distance between departments.

Me: Does it look like I care at this point.

Sir, what you’re asking will take time.

Me: Well I’ve already spent 10 minutes dealing with idiots so while you are hunting down who you need to talk to I will be water boarding myself to pass the time.

Sir, can I just transfer you to someone else.

Me: Don’t you dare.
{beep, beep, beep….click}

He hung up.

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