No Double Speak! No Sugar Coating!

Just The Plain Ole Vanilla Stuff!

We’ve taken some of the commonly asked questions and put them front and center so you have an idea of what we do, how we do it and why Trust Creation is a big deal to us.

Why Trust Creation? Simply…high pressure sales tactics don’t work and don’t create long term clients. Creating an atmosphere of trust leads to relationships with clients that last a lifetime and frankly make you more money in the long run.

How does social media play a part in Trust Creation? Social media is all about building up those relationships through education, entertainment and engagement. Social media is NOT a place to constantly pitch your product or slam your audience with your marketing message. It’s NOT an instant gratification sales tool. It’s a place to discover new friends, interact with fans and build a loyal following. Your fan page should be all about creating an experience for your audience so they want to comment, like and share your status to others.

How does publishing a book help? Your book is your message to the world. It’s your calling card. It’s the ultimate trust creation tool. If your competitor hands out a business card in hopes of gaining new customers and you hand out a book…guess who wins 90% of the time. Yep, the person who’s name is on the book. Your book gives you the edge…it creates authority and adds credibility to your name.

Does your team help with my book or do I need to have it print ready before calling you? If you have an idea for a book, we can help you bring that idea to reality. From start to finish we guide you through the whole process. We can even ghostwrite the book if you don’t have the  time. We can edit, format and create the cover too.

Do you share talks with organizations? Why, yes! Yes, we do! And, thats exactly what they are talks! We share stories (examples of our success and failures) that educate and entertain our audiences and we do so in an easy going, down to earth manner. We don’t “sell from the stage” or use coercive language that implies that you need to meet us in the back of the room for a special deal. Nope…no pitch fests…we hate those things. And frankly, they don’t illicit TRUST.

Contracts…do you use them? We didn’t use to…but we found that by using them both parties are protected and the “he said / she said” dialogue is eliminated. A contract helps protect everyone and the duties of each party are clearly spelled out.

Will we work with an individual or the whole team? Depending on what your needs are you might only need an individual team member to assist you. If you need a full scale campaign created that requires the use of our whole team then yes, the whole Team can be available.

Does your team all work in the same building? No. Our team members come from various parts of the United States and Canada, but through the use of technology we are all a phone call, email, Skype call, Google Hangout or video conference away. Regardless of where we are located, we give each client the utmost attention they deserve to ensure the success of each campaign.

How frequently should you create content? You should be creating content at least once a day. That includes posting to your social media networks, writing blogs for your website, creating videos for YouTube and crafting emails for your subscriber opt-in list. Content is what helps build trust with your audience. That content should educate, entertain and engage your fans, friends and followers. Sadly, most companies lack the time, the energy or the understanding of how to effectively create the right type of content that builds trust.

How can I order your books? Click to order directly from Amazon. Or to order directly from our webstore click here.

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