Received a text this morning asking if I Skype.

I reply, “you evidently have my number, what’s wrong with calling me?”

They reply, “we only use Skype to communicate with people.”

Well I texted back, “except when texting people to see if they use Skype”

I received, “oh forget it, you’re too difficult.”

I reply, “see a simple phone call would have made this so much easier.”

{last message was immediately returned as the person blocked my number}

Sure I Skype and I use WhatsApp and even Facebook to communicate with people, but when you use one device to ask a person if they use another device (or method) you might as well keep it simple and use what you are already using.

Too many people forget the simplicity of picking up the phone and calling people.

Try it…just pick up the phone and actually call someone.

Mobile phones are everywhere and yet, people have forgotten how to actually use the phone part. 


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