GhostriderWhen I mentioned to my 10 yr old son I was being hired as a Ghostwriter all he could think about was the 2007 Marvel action movie about a fiery supernatural antihero who rides a flaming motorcycle.

Hah, well…yeaaah…riding a flaming motorcycle sounds way cool.

Sadly, I had to tell him that Ghost Rider and Ghostwriter although sounding very similar weren’t the same and his dad wasn’t a supernatural being with cool powers. Although a hero I was to some!

Yes, Ghostwriters are hero’s. They save the day!

According to Wikipedia…

Wikipedia Ghostwriter

My workload that week was writing 2 chapters for a clients book, creating the content for an upcoming blog, crafting 3 articles for future publication and delivering social media posts all being credited to someone else.

I get paid…someone else gets the credit. Thats what Ghostwriters do. Glamorous? Heck no!

But that’s my superpower in a way… I  have the ability to become someone else, through the power of words.

It’s not easy. I have to spend time and get to know the people I’m writing for, writing as them and conveying their thoughts and words to paper. I have to use their words or it’s not authentic…not believable…and certainly not trustworthy.

Yes, a Ghostwriter takes on the personality of his/her clients so their thoughts become written words that communicate, educate, entertain and engage to compel, inspire and tell a story. I make my clients authority figures in their respective industries.

But why hire a Ghostwriter?

Simple…saves time!

Writers trash canMost people have such busy lives that finding the time to write an article, let alone a book, is out of the question. The pain and frustration of putting words to paper (or keystrokes to computer screens) is something that some would rather just pay someone else to do.

Writing is not for everyone. It’s a passion that needs to be cultivated. And to be honest I hated writing in high school. Yet through the passing of time…I became good at it.

Try Googling “Ghostwriter” and you’ll discover hundreds of choices in writers who want to write your story. Not all are created equal. And not all charge the same. You have to select the right one who best fits your personality. Because ultimately it’s your butt on the line if the Ghostwriter doesn’t convey your thoughts effectively to your audience.

But you also want a Ghostwriter who has some teeth in the game…who has written their own books and articles and maintains their own blogs and social content. Why? Because you get someone who is real…who practices what they preach and who leverages their skills everyday to keep their own clients happy.

So, a butt-saving hero without a flaming motorcycle who uses words as a weapon is all my 10 year old really wanted to hear. And a writer with wit, storytelling ability, sarcasm and sense of adventure is what my clients want to hire. Best of both worlds I would say and write.

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