Social Media & Your Privacy:

Six Steps To Controlling What 3rd Parties Know About You

Hi I’m Rob Anspach and today I want to share with you six ways to prevent 3rd parties from creating an accurate profile about you.

Maybe you’re not concerned, maybe you don’t share a lot.

But, these 3rd parties still get your information. Why? Because you made your information on your social profile accessible for all to see.

And these 3rd parties have done a great job of assembling profiles on you.

And what I mean by 3rd parties are these so-called tracking sites…
that for $20 will share with you a complete profile of some one you are concerned about. A future employee, a date or a vendor.

These sites pull from social media and other public records to give those searching a better idea of who you are. Yup, they’re in the business of selling your information.

So here’s 6 ways to control who sees what…

1. Dont make all your information visible to all viewers
2. Dont tag siblings, parents or children as relatives
3. Limit who can see your posts
4. Never share all your information
5. Add false information if you have to
6. Every few months “google” your name

I hope you found this information helpful and please share this video with someone who overshares and help them lock down their privacy.

This is Rob Anspach from Anspach Media…have a great day.

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