Somedays I feel like Tonto and the only person who wants to be associated with me, who knows how I think, who trusts me completely is…The Lone Ranger. My kemosabe! My bud. My best friend. And when I tell people that, they just look at me like I’m some weirdo. Then they ask who the Lone Ranger is and what’s a kemosabe? Oh, boy!

That’s how it is, in this fast pace technological world. We forget how to build trust. How it used to be, to have clients that were as loyal. Clients that had our backs, that protected us, that knew how we thought and what we stood for, or against.

The “slick willies” of the world with their 101 ways to close a sale have made the world a distrusting place to live in. Their end goal is not building trust, but simply getting the sale and moving on. Get in and get out! The faster the better! Don’t waste time…get their money and run!

Oh, this type of behavior hasn’t just appeared, it’s been festering since the dawn of time. But, it’s found a greater foothold in the social media realm. Our conversations, comments and posts have been cut down to 140 characters and instead of wasting time getting to know someone we cut right to the chase and hit them up with our marketing message.

Hey, why waste time getting to know someone when it’s a numbers game? Eventually some sucker will buy and make the seller happy. Landing pages, squeeze pages, pages with no contact information are set up to keep victims in the dark.

Social media is not about marketing…it’s about being social…having a conversation…getting to know your friends, fans and followers. It’s about finding your Kemosabies! It’s about building trust!

You see, “Money is the byproduct of trust creation!” Without trust, people (clients, customers, patients, etc) won’t value what you do nor shell our their hard earned money to buy your products or services. Yep, it’s that trust that creates a bond between you and your customer. You become their Lone Ranger. Their hero! The guy who saves the day.

But how do you build trust in a distrusting world?
Yeah, that’s the million dollar question. And I will share it in a moment.

But before I do, I will say, those that have figured it, that use “Trust Creation” in their daily lives make more money in the long run than those that don’t. Not only do they make more money, but those using Trust Creation to build a business live a more enriching and fulfulling life. It’s true.

Why go to the Slick Willy school to learn 101 ways to close a sale when you only need to learn one way…TRUST?

In the online and offline world its about discovering who your client is and what they need and how you can help them. It starts with a simple conversation. “Hey, how are you?” And from there…you learn what makes them tick, their habits, their hobbies, where they like to travel, what TV shows they watch and where they like to eat. Then you become friends, maybe hang out, and the next thing you know you created trust. You became the hero. Yep, it’s as simple as that. Okay, not so simple…yes, it takes time and effort. But thats how trust works.

Effort? Time? No, no, no, no!

Sadly, most people don’t want to put in the effort or time to develop real meaningful relationships with their audience. They fear using old school techinques like actually using the phone to talk to someone, or hand writing thank you notes or even sending real gifts. Nope, it’s all about texting, emoji’s and GIFs (graphic interchange format pictures).

Hey, the choice is yours…be Slick Willy or the Lone Ranger!

Sure Slick Willy may claim to have more friends and it may seem that he’s making a lot of money…but the Lone Ranger only needs a few trusted friends to make the world a better place.

But, wait…didn’t the Lone Ranger hide behind a mask? How is that building trust? Why, yes he did! You see this is the power of trust creation. Tonto along with a few trusted friends knew the true identity of the Lone Ranger and yet keep it secret. The relationships you build through trust creation will be those people who stand by you, who know your secrets, who are loyal and who will do anything for you. They see the hero in you, but also embrace the friendship of who you are.

So in today’s fast paced world would you rather be known as the trustworthy hero by a few or the slickster known to thousands?

Myself…I want to be known as the trustworthy hero!

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