Grr… so I go online and make a huge payment to one of my Credit Cards.

Then I get an email asking me if I just made the payment for X amount. Then 30 minutes later I get a phone call asking me if indeed I made that payment. I say this is why I pay online so I can save time and not have to deal with emails and phone calls.

Credit Card Co Rep: Sir these are new policies that we implemented to keep you safe?

Me: Safe from whom…is there people out there who pay other people’s credit card balances?

Credit Card Co Rep: Well Sir, these are extra steps we take to keep you safe?

Me: Well, I don’t need an email or a phone call asking me to reconfirm my payment. That just wastes my time.

Credit Card Co Rep: Unfortunately Sir, based on the amount of your payment you will get an email and phone call from us.

Me: Okay what is the threshold of payment to not trigger an email and phone call?

Credit Card Co Rep: XXX (which incidentally is $1 less than I paid)

Me: Seriously?

Credit Card Co Rep: Yes Sir

Me: So to not trigger your dumb email or nuisance call I need to lower my payment or make two payments?

Credit Card Co Rep: That’s partially correct Sir…you can lower your payment under the threshold but you can’t make 2 payments within a 24 hour period nor can you have more than 1 payment pre-scheduled at a time.

Me: So now I need to make multiple payments and waste more time, or make one large payment and deal with your email and phone call?

Credit Card Co Rep: That is correct Sir?

Me: How about I change my contact email and phone number so you can’t bug me?

Credit Card Co Rep: Sir, you may do that, but if we don’t get a confirmation from you, your payment won’t be processed and you will be charged a late fee.

Me: This seems like a no win situation.

Credit Card Co Rep: For you yes, for us no.

Me: Well, I’ll tell you what…cancel my card and close my account.

Credit Card Co Rep: Sir, if I make sure we don’t call you will you still stay a loyal customer?

Me: I don’t know…not feeling it.

Credit Card Co Rep: How about a lower interest rate?

Me: And?

Credit Card Co Rep: We can increase your credit limit.

Me: And?

Credit Card Co Rep: You can skip two payments in a 12 month period without interest or penalty.

Me: Deal.

<After I hung up, I received an email and another phone call>

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