Sure I understand the reasons why the EU took the steps they took.

I also applaud them for showing they care about the privacy of their citizens.

But surely, they don’t expect we the society the does whatever we want to comply with their regulations do they?

Hah, you bet they do.

And, they made the fines so hefty that it’s causing companies to question whether they want to do business across the great pond. 

GDPR is turning out to be one gigantic PITA (pain in the ass) regulation that has every website owner in the USA acting like chicken little. 

“Why the bleep must we comply?”, they scream in tandem.

The deadline to implement GDPR into your privacy protection laws is in full effect and yet like most regulations very few know how it will work or be enforced.

But if you’re a violator of said regulation you can be hit with a 4% global assessment fine (based on your total global sales) or 20 million Euros, whichever is greater. 

Holy shit, that’s a huuuuge fine. 

Yet, it’s not clear on how it’s enforced. And, what if you have to file bankruptcy to avoid the fine, will the bankruptcy  laws in the USA protect you? Lots of questions, very little answers.

So why can’t we add a disclaimer to our websites and other online content and just say “heck with the GDPR” will it fly?

NOTICE:it appears you are from the EU or somewhere that isn’t the USA. Please be advised that our website, social media pages, videos and/or podcasts comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the United States of America where our country is based. 

If you choose to continue to use our website, social media, videos or podcast information you agree to waive all of your rights to GDPR protection including but not limited to…

…the right to be informed,

…the right of access,

…the right to rectification,

…the right to erasure,

…the right to restrict processing,

…the right to data portability,

…the right to object,

…and the right in relation to automated decision making and profiling. 

Well, we could try!

I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.

But a lot of my clients are lawyers and GDPR baffles them as it tries to clear up vague privacy laws by being you guessed it…even more vague.

Yup, and what happens when other countries want to implement there own regulations, do we pick and choose which regulations from what country we follow? 

Oh, another solution I heard was to restrict your website presence so that citizens from the EU can’t view your site. Well, what happens if they visit the United States and now are free to see your website or other online content? Are they protected? Or what if they access your blocked website through a proxy server or VPN?

In the meantime, your email inbox is filling up with updates from every company you ever have done business with wanting to inform you they have updated their privacy protections to comply with GDPR. It’s very much annoying isn’t it?

The fact is, my team and I have been putting into practice adding privacy pages to all the sites we build for the last few years. Yes, we do go a little overboard adding these pages. But for us, it’s always been about TRUST. 

That’s what GDPR is trying to do as well, create the aesthetic of trust. Yet, their rules and regulations although well intentioned shouldn’t in anyway effect those that have ZERO intention of ever selling to those in the EU. 

I guess in time, we will see how this will play out.

Am I prepared for the full wrath of GDPR? Well to be honest, I think I’m more prepared for the scams that will scare people into thinking they are being fined by the GDPR, when in fact it’s just a ploy to get their money.

“Dear Website Owner,

You are in violation of GDPR rule 3, section 15 paragraph 2 you are hereby being fined 495 Euros, you have 24 hours to comply or you will be arrested. Click the link to pay.”

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