Ugh, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that phrase “social media marketing” I’d be a millionaire three times over.

Marketing and social should never be used in the same phrase let alone in the same thinking. They just don’t belong together. Period. No ands, ifs or buts about it! Never, ever use them.

Am I mad? Why and I telling you something so opposite what the so-called gurus are touting? Yeah, I should be locked up…then I wouldn’t have to hear the phrase ever again. Although, my luck that would be the very thing used to torture me.

You see the word “social” implies that you will engage in activities that create a setting of conversation, bonding, relationship building and general silliness. Yet, the term “marketing” implies that you are trying to sell something.

So what is it… are you trying to build a meaningful relationship with your fans, friends and followers or are you trying to sell them something?

Many would say…sell them something.

Look, “Money is the byproduct of trust creation” a phrase I coined about a year ago that showcases the need to build trust prior to selling anything.

People need to trust you before they will shell out their hard-earned money on your products or services. That trust comes from being social, building up those relationships and engaging in conversations that let your fan base know you care about them.

Yes, ultimately every entrepreneur wants customers to buy from them, but without trust there is no connection, no reason to buy and sadly, no sale.

Social Media is not the phone book…yet it seems with everyone saying they are a Social Media Marketer these days it might as well be one. I’m a Trust Creator and Social Media Strategist…I plan for, design and execute a course that works best for my clients in order to attract the right fans that will eventually turn into clients.

I had some stranger I don’t even know on some Facebook page I rarely frequent accuse me of semantics and putting my on spin on how why marketing shouldn’t be in the title. He went on to say he was a Public Relations guy for Fortune 500 companies for 20 years…blah, blah, blah. He lost me at Public Relations.

PR people are the masters at spin and word twisting…they try to convince the masses that everything is better than it is and that their client, employer or employees are just peachy in every way. How is that being trustworthy?

Trust is and always shall be the true method to attract and keep clients.

Stop calling it Social Media Marketing…you are not marketing social media… you are using social media to bond with your audience and to create long lasting relationships with them so that trust is earned not used as a selling tool.

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