What? You want me to speak at your event for free, buy my own plane ticket, book my own hotel and cover all my expenses just so I can have the privilege of speaking to your audience?

No, no, no and no!

I get paid to speak and you cover all my expenses, period!

“Sir that’s not how we do it!”

Well, that’s how I do it.

Sadly this seems to be the new model that a great deal of events are taking.

Yet to some…they would gladly pay to be on stage for the opportunity to sell to the audience.

To them the reward is greater than the risk. 

Maybe they have a product or service that they know if they only sell 1 or 2 they are breaking even, sell more and it’s a payday. 

To me… I’m there to educate, entertain and engage…not sell them from the stage. If they want to buy from me they can do it after my talk, through my website or order my books from Amazon. Selling from the stage is not what I’m about.

So trying to recruit me as a “Sell from the stage” speaker won’t work for me.

Sadly, event recruiters don’t care if you sell from the stage or not, they want you for free.

But this “sell from the stage” model didn’t happen overnight…this was partly caused by speakers, let me explain…

The model that was used for decades was the speaker got paid (for his/her talk & expenses) and any products, services, etc., sold from the stage the event would get a percentage. But speakers got greedy and didn’t want to share those precentages so events said screw you…you keep what you sell and get zero for speaking. Then it forced every speaker to sell from the stage. Now everyone pitches and they’ve forgotten how to tell stories, how to entertain and how to build trust with their audience.

I’ve been to events where every single speaker tried to sell from the stage and by the 4th or 5th speaker the audience was tired of being pitched to and stopped buying. Then the speaker didn’t make anything from selling from stage. I don’t go to pitch feats anymore. And refuse to participate in that type of speaking.

My buddy Steve Gamlin had this to say, “there was a big Tony Robbins event in Boston easier this year, a full day, with special guests Tom Brady and Julian Edelman at the end. Many of my friends went. I did not. By 10am, several of them were already complaining on social media about the pitch-fest.” 

Yup, even the big names in the speaking industry are turning their events into giant “upset the audience” pitch-fests.

Harry Hall, an author/speaker I met at Lexicon (an event in Denton TX for authors – where I spoke in 2014 & 2015) shared his thoughts with me…

Boy Rob, are you right. Two stories on this one. One organization called and asked me to speak in the New England area (I’m in TX). I asked them about their budget. They said they were still working on it (the event was like 16 months off). The next few months, they developed programs with my name, picture and bio. Then I sent them three proposals. They rejected all of them. I finally asked for what amounted to expenses-I really wanted to do this program. They told me it was a fundraiser and I would have to pay for airfare, but I could sell books. My books are self-published, which meant I would exit the plane owing something like $1,000. They couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t do that. Regarding the other one, they wouldn’t even pay for my hotel, wouldn’t let me sell books, and actually expected me to pay 1/2 price for their event registration fee. But they do this because some people will go for it.”

And as an author trying to carry 50-100 books to an event in hopes of selling them is such a pain. And if you don’t sell them you either leave them behind or lug them back home. 

Nope, just not an appealing way to try make a living…not for me anyway.

But hey, I would love your thoughts. If you’ve been asked to speak for free how did you handle it? If you sold from the stage was it profitable?

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