Ten minutes after accepting a new LinkedIn connection I receive his message.

And being that very few seem to know how to be social on social media, their approach is to try to sell me on what they are offering.

Yet, even when I say I don’t need help they seem to feel the need to share anyway.

Here’s a message I received from Phil…right after we became connections… (notice I didn’t say friends, as we haven’t really gotten to that point where I would even remotely call him a friend.)

“Hey Rob, Saw we had some mutual connections, took a quick look at your profile…always nice to connect with real deal experts on here. Cheers, Phil”

Yeah okay, doubt he ever looked at my profile. As I get these same cookie cutter responses on an almost daily basis.

A few days go by and Phil decides he needs to contact me again.

“Hey Rob glad we got connected on here. If you have any challenges generating consistent leads and/or closing sales, feel free to reach out, here to help. Cheers, Phil”

My response: “nope, don’t have any challenges.”

Now for some reason Phil takes my response as I must need some type of help, so again he sends me another message and reiterates once again how long (or short) we’ve been connected.

Phil: “Hey Rob, saw we’ve been connected for a week now, figured I’d reach out. Mind if I share something I learned recently about the high-ticket coaching/consulting industries? While I was the top salesperson for one of the largest digital marketing consulting firms out there, I spoke with hundreds of high-ticket coaches and consultants, and the #1 issue I heard call after call after call… “If only I had a system for attracting my ideal client, I’m exhausted by starting over every month, hoping” “It’s so hard to get quality high-ticket leads with Facebook, gets expensive really quick” The problem was…what I was selling was built only around Facebook Advertising…nothing else. I decided to stop hoping just FB ads would work for people… It was time to go figure out something that I knew would truly help high-ticket coaches and consultants. It wasn’t easy, I invested over $20,000 with mentors and programs to figure it out… But it finally clicked. I have a proprietary lead generation system that requires no paid advertising, and no work on your part. You focus on your clients and growing your business, leave the client attraction to me. I’m on a mission to empower the real deal coaches… So the posers out there will think twice before “faking it til they make it” at their clients’ expense… …meaning I don’t work with just anyone. If you’re curious what life could look like with a real client attraction system that WORKS… Book a quick 15min call here: (link removed) If it’s apparent I can help, great. If not, no worries, I’ll point you in the direction of someone who can help. So no matter what, at the end of the call, you’ll know the best next step for your business. Cheers, Phil”

My response: “So, if I had answered I have some challenges would your response be shorter?”

Anyway, Phil seems to be a cheery guy, although he doesn’t seem to understand the dynamics of getting to know me or what I need, he just wants to remind me of how long we’ve been connected and to sell me on his system of generating so-called huge revenues and all I have to do is schedule a 15 minute call with him.

Well, being that he never checked my profile to know that I’ve authored many books about social media, and books about search engine optimization, marketing, podcasting and more, he would’ve probably realized I’m not his target market.

But, like most…he sends his cookie cutter replies to everyone who responds regardless if they want the information or not.

Nope, not the ideal way to build a fanbase.

So, what do I do with people like Phil?

I delete and block them! They are not my LinkedIn demographic…in fact, they are now LinkedOut!

They just don’t get it. Social media is about being social. About starting a conversation that isn’t about your products or services. It’s about creating trust first.


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