Start where you are, use what you have.

Yup, it may sound like common sense, but most entrepreneurs don’t seem to understand what common sense is anymore.

They’ve been told you need XX or YY or maybe even that super expensive ZZ. So they go out and plunker down their hard earned green backs and buy all kinds of equipment that…

  • they probably don’t need
  • that’s too complicated for them
  • that exhausts their budget and
  • doesn’t really help them make money.

Yet, had they just started where they were and used what they had – they could have understood their goals a little bit better. Maybe even determined that they really don’t like to do that certain thing or that it’s really not for them.

I see this especially true with those wanting to do videos – they get super expensive videos cameras, lighting, backdrops, editing software, even a teleprompter. They spent all this money and yet haven’t gotten in front of the camera to see how they will do. Then they screw up, get nervous, can’t think straight, and flub all their lines. Then they say video is not for them and all that equipment just gathers dust in some closet.

Had they started with their cell phone, or maybe did some live video first, they would have determined quickly if video was something they were good at before investing thousands more into it.

Just FYI, I’ve made over 500 videos and I still don’t have an expensive camera or special lighting or fancy editing equipment.

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