During my speech at Lexicon Writers Conference I revealed what the most trusted industry is and the reaction was as I expected.

You see when I asked “what the most trusted industry was” I received a slew of answers but nobody got it right. Yet, most people see one every couple of months.

Nope, not a Doctor, or a Lawyer or a Religious leader! Not a politician or even the President!

Nor a carpet cleaner…a plumber…an electrician or even a therapist.

Oh, and if you’re going to say a “fast food worker” just forget that too.

You see the number 1 most trusted industry is…

…has to do with pointy objects and razor blades.

No! Not drugs! Come on now…if you think the drug industry is trustworthy you seriously need help.

The number 1 industry is… Barber/Hairdresser.

Just nod your head, you would have never guessed that.

You see, every month or two we sit in a seat telling our barber / hairdresser all of our stories, what’s been happening in our lives all while they are cutting our hair with sharp scissors. It seems nobody has seen the movie “Sweeney Todd” because if they did, they would never, ever get their hair cut again.

But, that’s exactly why it’s the most trusted industry…they make us feel comfortable and safe despite sharp objects near our eyes, mouth, ears, nose and neck. Sheesh, one wrong move and bye, bye ear lobe or adios to your esophagus.

They act as a therapist, a friend, sounding board and even a gossip center for when we want the skinny on someone…and for a fraction of the therapists price. No insurance required, just pay $10-$100 depending on service and wham-o you get your hair cut, head massaged, a great conversation and maybe some juicy inside information on someone.

So now you know.

Now what are you doing in your business to make customers feel safe and secure despite any harmful products, instruments or information they might have been told about you?


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