The Pro’s and Con’s of Online Reviews

We are told time and time again that reviews are a necessary part of growing your business. And if you do any type of marketing online you know how important those reviews look. But knowing how to control those reviews are something else.

Places like Yelp and Facebook allow anyone to review your business whether they are a customer or not. How fair is that? Allowing a non-customer to review your service and say whatever they like when they’ve never used your service is just wrong. Yet these networks allow it. And what’s worse is the business that received the bogus review just has to accept it.

Facebook has a policy where if someone leaves a negative review you can flag it if it contains derogatory speech, hate or inappropriate language. Unfortunately, if the reviewer left a blank 1 star review…it’s allowed to stay. So if your competitor who is jealous of your success decides to get his friends to spam your review process and slam your page with blank 1 star reviews there is nothing that will prevent them from doing so.

So now you spend tons of effort trying to get more of your customers to give you positive 5 star reviews filled with glorious words that will help elevate your score. Yet, there is nothing stopping those competitors from slamming you with 1 star reviews over and over. Then the cycle begins again. Now you become so focused on damage control and getting more reviews that you become obsessed with conquering the review game.

There’s an easier way.

And some people have taken advantage of this easy to implement system that hordes of businesses are flocking to them and shelling out hundreds every month to use it.

Here’s a secret…you don’t have to pay a dime, except for the time to implement it on your own website.

You create 3 pages…a page that asks customers to review your service, a page for negative comments and a page for positive comments. The first page that asks customers for reviews contains 2 links one to the negative page and the other to the positive page. If customers don’t like your service they click on the negative review page and fill out a comment form that gets sent to the proper person in charge of complaints. If they liked the service they click on the positive page and are directed to all the different review sites you want people to review you on.

It takes less than an hour to create these pages and helps you control the review process better. It keeps 95% of the negative reviews off your page while getting more customers to leave reviews where you want them to.

Thumbs up… or Thumbs down!

Make it easy for your customers to review you, but also control where they are leaving those reviews. If you need help setting up your review system, give me a holler!

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