Russians Ran Facebook Ads And Influenced The US Elections!

This is NOT a political post, so before you hop on your high horse ready to pounce on someone and say, “I told you so“…just know, I don’t really care who you voted for or against.

Nor is it about Russia trying to influence the US elections is some way, shape, or form.

Although some would argue that it is.

And, some will curse and scream and vehemently say anything because their candidate’s outcome wasn’t what was expected.

It’s all emotional fear mongering!

And honestly, you are going to believe whatever it is you’re going to believe. Nothing I put here will convince you to think a different way.

So, let’s forget about politics for a bit and talk about Facebook ads.

Supposedly, Russians spent $100,000 running ads on Facebook which again supposedly tried to sway American voters.

Yeah, right!

Oh, but what about the billions spent on either side of the electoral spectrum trying to get their respective candidate chosen?

Yes, billions! Don’t believe me…Google it!

Although, it seems the $100,000 the Russians spent on Facebook is of way more importance then the billions spent by the US Republicans or Democrats.

So scary, is the fact, that Russians even spent any amount of money the United States launched a Congressional Inquiry and asked Facebook for copies of all ads, names and payments.


Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook says it’s a privacy concern and won’t release the information.

Congress twists Mark’s little pinky finger and wham-o.


The information magically makes it’s way to the investigation committee.

You might be thinking…good they should be turning over the information.

That would be the wrong answer!

And the slippery slope gets slipperier!

I predict FB ads will decline as Facebook has decided to turn over to congressional investigators copies of roughly 3,000 advertisements purchased by Russian-linked groups during the 2016 presidential campaign.

So why do I predict this?

As with any media resource consumers need to have faith that their ad purchases and their information won’t be used for such purposes as congressional inquiries. And frankly this goes beyond the scope of the TOS (terms of service) that Facebook makes advertisers sign and also is a privacy rights concern.

Now, being that Facebook (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg) is a big contributor to the Democrat Party if the inquiry was against a Democratic candidate would they (Facebook) agree to such congressional inquiry?

But, I did say I wouldn’t make this about a Republican versus Democrat thing. Just want you to consider that if the playing field was truly equal wouldn’t the rules apply to anyone regardless of political affiliation? Wouldn’t you expect a right to some privacy when placing ads on Facebook or any social network?

So, now that you know that Facebook can and will turn your information over when it suits, will you continue to run ads on their network?

What about other social networks? What’s their policy? Will they protect your privacy or rewrite their Terms of Service to include “if you get investigated” clauses permitting your information to be turned over?

It’s an interesting quagmire of sorts and we will see how it plays out together.


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