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Hi I’m Rob Anspach, and I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs “trust creation” for probably the last dozen years. And when I ask them if they’re a failure met of them say, “What are you talking about? No, I’m not a failure! Why do you even ask me that?”

I ask because if you’re not a failure you will never learn how to be successful. That’s right! If you look at history…if you look at all the millionaires, the billionaires that are in the world today you’ll see that they failed multiple times. It’s true.

They learned from their failures. They learned that what defined them was how well they rose after failing. A failure is a life lesson. That’s all it is. And if you can’t learn from those life lessons you’re never going to make it as an entrepreneur.

I look at my day, and I may not dress like a typical entrepreneur with a suit and a tie, but this is who I am. I’m unique. You’re unique. You have to be real in this world. And you’re going to make mistakes while trying to be real. It’s just who we are! And when people say you can’t make mistakes and that you have to be perfect…well, there’s no such thing as perfect. If you’re striving for perfection you will fall hard. It’s just how it is. So look at your mistakes as life lessons, as opportunities to improve yourself, so that you do succeed.

I never envisioned myself as a writer. It was something I thought eluded me, was above me and something I could never accomplish. But everyday I would write and I would get better. Are my books perfect? No! Do they have spelling errors? Yes! And yes, I could go back and correct them, but here’s the thing…I want a product out there that’s helping people. I don’t want it to be perfect.

Here’s a great example… when new phones come out or when new computers come out are they perfect? Well, they look nice and they work and they allow you to create brilliant things but they are not always perfect. That’s why there is always updates and upgrades. And even the upgrades aren’t perfect. Look at Microsoft! They got Windows 95, before that 3.1, then 2000, now it’s Windows 8,9,10…same with Apple. They are not perfect. They are never going to be perfect. Because they are run by humans…and we humans make mistakes. That’s how we get better, that’s how we learn.

But Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, all these tech giants, even Donald Trump who is running for President they all make mistakes. So, look at yourself, look at what you’ve accomplished but also look at all those mistakes you made to get there, you’re going to make more, that’s how it is. But start learning from those mistakes.

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