A few emails I received this morning:

I am Max, and I work with experienced IT professionals in india
· Mobile app development
· Graphic Design
· Website Design & Development
· Customized platform built around your business
· Easy to use, maintain and update
· E-Commerce Solutions
· Digital Marketing(SEO,SMO,PPC)

If you are interested, (share your project requirements)then I can send you our past work details, company information and an affordable quotation with the best offer.

I look forward to it.

Thanks & Regards
Imani Booth

I’ve reported on this type of email before – the sender introduces themselves at the beginning of the email, but that name doesn’t match what they state their name is at the end of the email. Nor, is any company name mentioned, no website to check them out, no phone number to call them. It’s just a nuisance email.

My response:

I am Groot. I work with experienced super heroes guarding the galaxy.

Dear Beneficiary,

Are you alive or dead?

We received several emails from one Mr. Garcia Charles Gilbert who narrated to us about the auto car accident you had two weeks ago.

Mr. Garcia made us to understand that you are in hospital for treatment but there is no hope of your recovery. He stated that he is your business associates and your next of kin whom you have chosen and permitted to inherit all your properties. He is contacting this office based on your contract /Inheritance
payment fund which is about to be paid to you. He requested that the payment
should now be transferred into his own personal account as he stated below.

Account Name Mr. Garcia Charles Gilbert
Citibank Banamex USA
15900 La Cantera Parkway Bldg #18
San Antonio, TX 77825
Routing Number: 122233645
Account Number: 5944130210

We request your confirmation before we can process this transfer to
Mr. Garcia Charles Gilbert Bank Account. This is to avoid releasing your money to wrong person because Mr. Garcia Charles Gilbert is too eager and ready to follow every instruction to have this money into
his account. If you did not have auto accident and you did not permit
Mr. Garcia Charles Gilbert to claim your money, kindly reply this message with your full contact information so we can process the
release of your fund to you.

Best Regards,

MD World Bank group.

This email is a twist on the long lost dead relative email that has been floating around the internet for at least 2 decades. In this one, the sender wants you to admit if you are still alive. You do that by replying to the email. Then the choice is either claim the money or tell them to give it away. Either way it’s a scam. The sender will try to get you to reveal information about yourself, such as banking information and then use that information to steal your money. 

My reply:

Sorry, I’m dead.
It’s all yours.
Have fun.


Yes technically you should not respond to these types of nuisance emails, as it will alert them that your email is legitimate and that there is a live person behind it. But for me, unless your email is already in my contact list or I’ve sent you an email before any incoming messages automatically get sent to the spam folder. 

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