My thoughts on why Trump won.

As an entrepreneur I took away these 4 key points from the election.

(1) Strategy – Trump campaigned multiple times in key States to get his message out while Clinton concentrated on States she knew she had a solid vote. Trump went back to some States multiple times – it was this strategy that helped him win my home State of Pennsylvania, which has been a predominately Democratic State for decades.

(2) Stamina – Trump never stopped campaigning, he would do multiple speeches in a day while Clinton took breaks and only did one speech a day. People saw Trump as the “energizer bunny” he was constantly sharing his message to the masses, sometimes 3-4x a day. They saw Hillary as tired and unable to keep up, which translates to someone who can’t effectively be the leader of a country.

(3) Educate –  Trump kept the message the same so that people would understand while Clinton kept changing the message to fit her audience. Trump told the same stories, the same observations even the same jokes – this helped him become the people’s choice. He was in their eyes an equal.

(4) Empower – Trump explained why more government was bad while Clinton wanted people to be governed more. People don’t want to be governed, they want hope and freedom and to live their lives. So the message of less government was more enticing to the people.

I’m sure there are a dozen more reasons why Trump won…but these four are what stuck out in my mind.

How can you utilize these 4 key points to build trust with your audience and win them over?




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