Called a tree guy to take down a dead tree in the backyard…

Me: Hey I have a tree that needs taken down when can you come over?

Tree Guy: Well you caught me driving, can you call back and leave a message.

Me: Why did you answer if you were driving, you could have just let it go to voicemail.

Tree Guy: Dunno, can I come over in an hour or so?

Me: You dont know where I live yet?

Tree Guy: Yeah but I can pretty much get anywhere in this town in less than an hour.

Me: Since you are driving should I text you my address?

Tree Guy: Yes, good idea, I’ll be over in an hour then.

Well his definition of an hour compared to my definition of an hour is totally different. 

He never showed up!

Texted him the next day at 10am.

He responds…”I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

An hour and half later I get a text from him…”Sorry, can’t make it until 5pm.”

As usual 5pm comes and goes and no sign of the tree guy.

Now it’s the 3rd day and at lunch I send a text to him, “3 days in a row haven’t seen you, should I call someone else?”

Not less than 1 minute later, he responds, “be there at 5pm tonight, promise“.

What do you think happened at 5pm?

Yup, no call, no show.

But just about when we were ready to head out the door at 6pm guess who decides to grace us with his presence…you got it.

The tree guy finally shows up.

He gave me a price and he seemed somewhat knowledgeable…but I could tell one too many trees were dropped on his head.

First impressions count.

So do second and third ones.

Sadly, even when you give the person a chance or in my case 3 of them that initial first face to face interaction is tainted by their lack of showing up many times before.

Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled with them and didn’t put much credence in them doing a good job. 

It’s always a good idea from the very first phone call, or text or email or chat message make sure that first impression counts, because when meeting face to face it will mean that trust is already established and you have a sense that they are indeed the right person for the job. 

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