I’ve had a few clients reach out to me asking if they should send letters to their clients in regard to price increases due to rising gas prices.

In fact one client told me one of their long term customers requested a letter as apparently many of their vendors were raising prices. 

Okay here’s my opinion…the moment you send that letter you are giving that customer a reason to shop around. Sure everyone is raising prices, but when you put that price in a letter, that client will hold you to that price for the next year (regardless if what you put in the letter is not guaranteed for any length of time). And they will calculate and formulate, and then compare your service with that of your competitors and if they are cheaper (even by a nickel) it will give them fuel to come back to you and either negotiate a new price or get rid of you. 

But Rob, it’s common courtesy to let customers know of a price increase. 

Is it really though?

The grocery store doesn’t send a letter. Nor does the heating fuel delivery service. And there is nothing that is carved in stone saying YOU can’t raise your prices at anytime, for any reason. Just do it.

Now recently my wife received such a letter from a local service and basically the letter stated that they were forced to raise prices due to rising costs and the new prices would be almost double what they had been for years. Sure maybe their prices were too low to begin with. But, after receiving the letter, my wife tore the letter up and tossed it in the trash. She wasn’t too thrilled the last time she had used their service and their price increase was the excuse she needed to never call them again. 

Right now, consumers are unhappy with the state of affairs our economy is in. And with gas prices going up everyday…sending that letter could be that very thing that prompts them to go full Arnold on you and say, “Hasta La Vista, Baby.”

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