Companies are discovering that their YouTube channel is not their asset, but YouTube’s.

This goes for all social media, podcasts, websites and any place you put content on.

When you don’t own the asset, you can’t call the shots, and any income stream derived from those places that you have content on could at anytime pull the plug without warning and kill your livelihood.

If you want to control your own content you need your own platform.

This is not a new concept. 

Henry Ford knew that if he were to make a process of assembling vehicles better he could bring an affordable car to the market place. Milton Hershey wanted a better tasting milk chocolate candy bar so he went about perfecting one. Bill Gates didn’t enjoy writing code for IBM and so he created Microsoft. Mark Zuckerberg was unhappy with the social element of the internet so he designed a product that helped bring students together. Jeff Bezos knew that the internet could be a better place to do shopping so he developed a brand new platform to do it. 

In all these examples, each person became a multi-millionaire many times over because they had a vision not to be like others. They didn’t follow the crowd. They created their own platforms that enabled them to control their product, their message, their brand and their vision. And in doing so, they became household names. 

“Oh, but Rob, I don’t have that kind of money to create a vast empire like they did.”

Well, the first thing you must change is your mindset.

Most of the people I mentioned above didn’t have the money either. What they had was a vision that others could believe in that helped them obtain the money…and history was made. 

Walt Disney was another who’s ideas crafted a legacy that has become one of the most iconic media powerhouses on the planet. Walt in his early years worked for others who didn’t see his creativity as inspiring, so Walt created his own platform. 

Control the platform and you change your future. 

Yup, it’s your turn…now change the world. 

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