Usually once a month, we pull our stats to see where our web traffic is coming from, and what it tells us is usually the same.

Over 90% of our web traffic comes from 2 sources… Google and Facebook.

And, ironically, the same results play out with our clients.

Google for search engine traffic and Facebook for social media traffic!

As much as we strive to diversify our postings and optimize results across the spectrum, the results are consistent…it’s always Google and Facebook.

But even though it seems pointless to continue to pour countless hours into generating traffic from other sources, they do play an important part of your web strategy.

Yes, the majority of our social traffic comes from Facebook…but that 1% that comes from sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter actually helps solidify our relationships with our followers.

Consider it this way

The majority of your traffic is window shopping, but those few (the one’s who really want your service) are the ones who will buy from you.

What does the data mean, really?

The data gathered from the stats, tells us where the fans are finding us, what search engines they are using, what keywords they are typing and what social networks they are coming from. But it’s all “fuzzy” logic and it makes us feel good that our website has some type of traffic…the real results come from the phones calls and orders being placed.

So, even though we monitor our online stats…we look at the “hard” data that tells us exactly where the sales are generated.

And yes those LinkedIn, Twitter and Bing surfers even though the numbers are low do contribute to our overall sales.

So, use the data as a guideline to see where you need to improve your message, but don’t get hung up on the information. Its good to know where your leads are coming from…but just because 90% of your traffic is coming from one resource doesn’t mean that’s where your sales are coming from.

Learn to ask specific questions, from there, you’ll discover exactly which sources are pulling in the sales.

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