Every 4 years like clockwork social media becomes that medium that allows every person to voice their political struggles, opinions and not so nice diatribes regarding the latest candidates running for President.

This year just happens to have two candidates that like the limelight so much that neither is effected by the negative attacks…which seems to harbor more social postings.

Brother against brother, sister against sister…families attacking each other…and life long friends unfriending each other because the other has a political view they don’t.

So before you get all “terminator” on each other and get into a yell fest which you’ll regret here are…

5 Tips To Keep Your Political Posts Social!

1) Try to use civilized tones and decorum in your posts.
2) “Take a breath or two” and think it through before commenting on a friend’s post or unfriending someone.
3) Instead of sharp opinion statements, pose questions such as “how can we trust her?” or “is he stable enough to be president?”
4) Remember that this will all be over in November, and your friendships could and should outlast the next presidential term.
5) And, “try not to be like the candidates.”

Yes, I know this is the internet where “tone” and “decorum” don’t exactly go hand and hand. Every post can be interrupted differently and every person wants to have their voice heard. But taking that breath and relaxing a bit before posting really helps keep you from getting into a social media brawl. And why be like the candidates because honestly they are trying to win by any means and they say whatever because negative publicity is better than no publicity.

Oh and remember not everything you read on the internet, on social media or from a friend is true. So before you post something, take a few minutes to make sure it’s a real resource it will help validate your position and keep the arguments down. Oh, and just because you have a link to an article that say’s it’s true doesn’t mean it is. There are a lot of fake news site or secondary media channels that create articles in hopes of getting you to click on them. A good rule of thumb is if you can only find that information on a few links it’s probably not a good sign. But if there are 10 or more links to news sites that are talking about it…then it’s fair that whats printed is true…or as close to true as possible.

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