Shiny tools are seldom used.
Gimmicky tools are used once or twice then discarded.
Old, worn tools feel comfortable to use.

Every entrepreneur has shiny, gimmicky and old tools in their toolbox. Most entrepreneurs will always fall back on whats comfortable…because those tools make them the most money. It doesn’t matter if something is shinier, newer or can make their work 10x faster…if that tool doesn’t feel right, it will never be used again.

I share this analogy because I see way too many entrepreneurs fall for the “new”, “better”, “faster”, “oh so shiny”, “got to have it now” mentality that ultimately leads to their failure. They forget what made them who they are as entrepreneurs and focus on how they can do things quicker. Then they realize that shiny object is just a piece of junk, yet they don’t learn and continue to repeat the process over and over, until they are broke, dead or both.

Learn to master the tools you have, become comfortable with them, and that comfort will shield you from falling victim to shiny object syndrome…plus will make you more productive and profitable.

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