No Experience Necessary – Book


Social Media For The Boomers, Gen-Xers & The Over 50 Entrepreneur.


If the notion of using social media perplexes and frustrates you, and the thought of learning it just doesn’t sound like fun, then this book is for you. It’s easy to read style coupled with examples, stories and observations makes this a must for the technologically challenged or the person afraid they might break something. And as a business owner, social media will become a valuable resource to create engagement with your audience, sell more products and boost your authority.

In this book by Rob Anspach and Lorri Ratzlaff you’ll discover…

Why your story matters.

• What being visible really means.

How to overcome your social media anxiety.

• What a hashtag is for and how to use it.

The importance of building a legacy.

• Which social networks should you use.

How to master video.

• Why building your online community is so important.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or have an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s those experiences that occur in your life that creates the value you bring to the world. Although, to clarify, it’s not necessary to be an entrepreneur to bring value to the world, it’s just that entrepreneurs tend to focus more on their storytelling abilities to connect with their friends, fans and followers. The problem arises when you believe your story, those experiences you’ve lived through, are not important to share with others. What we have discovered through our own social media teachings, is that those above the 50 mark are more prone to hold back because they feel since social media is new to them that their stories aren’t of interest to others. The reality is, and it’s extremely important…more like imperative for the future of the planet…that they share those stories.

Social media opens up that avenue where you can share your stories with others to get them to trust you faster. When that trust is built, new and exciting and wonderful relationships are possible.

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