Your Story…Your Book…Your Future!

The journey begins with your words.

It’s your tale. How you tell it is different from anyone else. It’s through your story that lives will change.

And your book when complete is that Trust Creation tool that convinces others why they should believe you.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to build TRUST with your audience. So instead of using some off the wall sales tactic…share a story instead. You’ll be surprised at how a client listens to every word, wants you to share more and will buy your product or service because they TRUST you.” – Rob Anspach, founder of Anspach Media

In March 2013 while on plane returning home from an event Rob Anspach sketched out the idea that would turn into “Share: 27 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Experience, Build Trust And Attract Followers“. It was to some readers the “easiest social media book” they had ever read. And the start of Anspach Media as a publishing company.

Rob decided early on while writing, “Share: 27 Ways” that he would be involved through the whole process. The editing, the formatting, the design and even the marketing. It was definitely a learning process. From selecting the right ISBN to navigating the in’s and out’s of online distribution and Amazon’s own rules and regulations.

Share 27 Ways” was a success because Rob used the very power of social interaction to spread the message of the book’s simplicity to build trust.

Chris Bolger found Rob on social media and after reading “Share 27 Ways” was convinced he needed a book to attract, compel and empower his fans, friends and followers.

Chris reached out to Rob and asked for help. Chris sent Rob the manuscript to edit and format. Then Rob helped Chris get the book positioned on Amazon where “The A.C.E. Method” is available in print and Kindle.

In October 2014, Rob joined forces with Paul Douglas to write an easy to understand book on search engine optimization. Within 60 days of concept they had a finished book that when launched on Amazon become a #1 Best Kindle Seller in 4 countries (United States, Canada, Australia and Japan). Yep, concept to #1 Best Seller in 60 days! The book is called “Optimize This: How Two Carpet Cleaners Consistently Beat Web Designers On The Search Engines” and is available in print and Kindle.

April 2015 and Anspach Media is approached by Christopher West to launch his newest book “Pope Francis: Bite Size Morsels Of The Joy Of The Gospel“. Rob Anspach had helped Christopher 20 months prior straighten out his social media, helping him bring in an additional 30,000 fans to his Facebook page. Rob converted and launched Christopher’s new book on Amazon Kindle and watched as it immediately went up the charts to become a best seller.

Ready to share your story?

You story is unique. And it can’t be told by someone else!


Because no one tells your story exactly like you do!

I know hard to believe…but it’s true.

The only one uniquely qualified to tell your story is you!

Ready to write your book?

We would be honored to guide you through the process. Your book is your legacy, your trust creation mechanism that gives others a way to know you and learn about you. We can help you.

We use the same principles to help others as we do to promote our own books. Yes, we practice what we preach and we are constantly testing first in our own business before experimenting with our clients. Why? It’s all about integrity and trust.

Speaking of integrity…

Rob was personally invited by Joe Sugarman (CEO of BluBlocker Inc) to the Success Magnet Seminar in Las Vegas in October 2013. There Rob met Heather Havenwood Joe’s cohost of the event. The event marked the official launching of the digital version of Heather’s new book “Sexy Boss” on Kindle that year. After 3 years of seeing the success Rob had with his books. Heather asked Rob for help. She wanted “Sexy Boss” to be an actual printed paperback book. And so, in October 2016, Rob transformed the digital version into a full fledged print book and launched it on Amazon.

So, as you can see, we help clients get their books published. Maybe you just want a digital version, maybe you want both a digital and print edition or maybe your book has been circulating out there in the digital realm for years just waiting for us to help transform it into a real life book. Whatever your goals, we can help you.

And we can take your original book and publish it in Spanish or whatever language you’d like.

After coauthoring The #AskDrA Book Series with Rob, Dr Guillermo Alvarez asked Rob if he could publish the Spanish version of “Successful Weight Loss With The Gastric Sleeve” a book Dr Alvarez had published in 2014. The Spanish edition called “Baja de Peso Exitosamente con la Manga Gastrica” was launched February 2017 in print and Kindle.

Already wrote a book but need a foreword written?

In October 2016 Lisa Marie Kennedy reached out to Rob to write the foreword of her new book “Selling The Million Dollar”  – the book was launched Dec 31st and became a #1 Best Seller on Kindle in 3 Countries.


Let’s make your story known!

Your story is your legacy…it’s what will give authority and credibility…it’s your way of educating potential clients why they need to trust you and why they should invest through you.

Some Of The Books We’ve Helped Clients With