The Better Business Bureau is a joke.

How are they still in business?
They claim to be ethical.
They claim to have integrity.
They say they want to help your business grow.

Then they try to extort money from your business in exchange for a better rating.

The BBB raised our cost to 583.00 up 19%, I told then NO.” – Don DeLeeuw

Magically as soon as you decline membership, your A+ rating tanks and you are forced to play their game and sign back up. 

Or they call and say someone viewed your profile, but won’t say who. Heck it could have been the very BBB sales rep that’s calling you. Then they try to sell you on a membership, or advertising or try to glean some bit of information they say they need.

Nah, I’ll pass.

Facebook, Google, Yelp and the myriad of social review platforms create more credibility and authenticity for businesses nowadays and don’t require an expensive yearly membership.

And although I mention Yelp as a more credible and authentic platform for businesses to use, they are becoming the next BBB. Their extortion tactics just haven’t been perfected to the BBB level yet. 

BBB used to be reputable, until they became a corrupt shakedown organization. I noticed that years ago. I won’t have anything to do with them. I think the Chamber of Commerce is good to belong to. We even have a US Chamber of Commerce here in Manila, Philippines.” – Tom Bice

I have said for years that the BBB is nothing but extortion. People have told me I’m nuts for thinking so. Seriously? A lot of business used to put membership in BBB in their Yellow Pages ads, and I see it on an occasional website. That is NOT something to brag about.” – Jillian Slack

And yet, there is always one who still believes…

BBB is for brand recognition. The baby boomer generation still trust it. Once they are all gone that business will be toast. That said, I still pay for them annually for each one of my businesses because people trust them.” – David Carroll

Do people trust them? Or is the perception of trust from a long history of seeing the BBB logo? 

I certainly don’t trust them. How about you?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the BBB.

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