Facebook is trying to keep your eyes glued to their social network!

They honestly don’t want you to leave.

In fact, they have incorporated 35 new features into trying to keep you from ever thinking about going to another media site.

You can order food, check the weather, find local shops, send and receive money, scan QR codes, raise funds, buy & sell stuff, play games and inform your friends you’re safe during a crisis. You can even monitor your ads, see what’s trending, find nearby friends and see what you posted “on this day” years ago.

Now granted, the majority of people logging into Facebook probably aren’t interested in most of the extra features, they just want to post and reply.

I thought the “order food” feature was a great idea until I tried to order something and it wasn’t available in my local area.

And the Buy and Sell Groups was essentially Craigslist listings on steroids…it felt like a free for all, and everyone was trying to get rid of junk for prices that seemed to be a bit on the inflated side.

I wasn’t sure what the heck Town Hall was, but visiting once was all I needed to never go back.

Like I said…some are worthwhile and some will never be used.

To me it seems overkill and the features aren’t for everyone…and my personal opinion is that 80% of those using Facebook will only use a few of those features.

But I’m curious, have you used any of the features? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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