Leaves a disparaging remark on my post, then gets mad when I delete it.

After getting blocked, finds me on another social network to justify their comment.

Gets blocked again.

Goes to my website, fills out the contact form and curses me out for getting blocked. Doesn’t know my website captures IP addresses.

Blocked his IP from accessing my website again and reported his IP and name to his internet provider for cyber stalking.

And this is not just happening to me.

The list of friends experiencing weirdness with their social friends is growing.

Sadly some fans (and I’m using that word loosely) who get blocked don’t seem to get the hint they are not welcome.

So, they continue to harass and push the boundaries to try to illicit some response from the person they are stalking.

Yeah…people are weird.

And you need to guard yourself, your employees and your family. Because sometimes these “whack-a-do’s” don’t understand boundaries or physical distance. They will travel hundreds even thousands of miles to make sure they are heard. Crazzzzzy.

Make sure to create a buffer between you and them. If needed have an employee respond to social media, open your mail or even answer your phones. If needed, get the police involved. Not just in your area, but in the area they live in too.

Well, that would have been the end of this article – you see I actually wrote this almost a year ago. I have so many articles written and scheduled that it usually takes 12-15 months before they go live.

What I will add, to bring this article up to the times we are living…

I’ve been blocking creeps, stalkers and downright weird fans from my clients social media and website properties for years (yes, I’m acting as their buffer) although over the last few months it’s definitely escalated. 

I do believe the pandemic and the lack of things for people to do has contributed to the overall increase in online creepiness. 

What do you think?

Are you experiencing an increase or decrease in the level of stalkerish behavior on your social media or other digital assets? Do you have someone who can act as your buffer?

Post your comments below and let me know your thoughts.

What I do know is that Facebook has told us many times that are cutting down on the fake profiles and fake news yet there is now more fake everything (pages, profiles, people) than there was before they made their claims. I also know that Facebook seems to want to protect people’s privacy by allowing fans to send messages through chat as a “Guest” and not use their true profile. Just horrible. Facebook is actually contributing to the rise in the creep factor we are experiencing with their new policies.

Who’da thunk it?

Anyway I would love to know your thoughts.

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