Why don’t companies remove services they no longer offer from their website?

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Hi I’m Rob Anspach, and I got this question the other day, I actually get this question a lot and it’s one of my pet peeves as well. You go to a website because you search for a service you were looking for. You get to the website, and you’re like “wow“. You’re happy this company actually put on their website services you are looking for and you’re reading about their services and you’re thinking they’re a perfect fit.

Then you pick up the phone and you call them and you get “Oh, we’re sorry we don’t offer that service” and your heart sinks. And you’re like “what, but it’s on your website“. And they reply, “Yeah, we just forgot to remove it“.

Doesn’t that just tick you off?

I see that a lot.

Companies have every intention of offering a whole menu of services and they have their SEO guy optimize the website. So now that service is showing up everywhere. Yet they don’t offer it anymore. But they’re afraid to take it down. Do you want to know why?

Because they are afraid of losing the optimization, they are afraid of losing customers, but you know what? When someone calls you for a service that you no longer offer…you’ve already lost them. There is no getting them back. There is no convincing them of another service you offer. They are looking for a particular service and if they go to your website because you have it optimized that way aren’t you just tricking them or trying to convince them that you know what you’re doing.

If there are services on your website that you no longer offer, take them down. Or when someone does call say “You know what Ma’am let me refer you to this other company because although we don’t offer that service yes it is still on our website and you probably got the impression we do that, let me refer you to someone.

By saying no to someone you are losing them. Instead of losing them don’t even put it on your website. Don’t trick people. That way you can focus on the services you do offer. And actually get the types of clients that want your service.


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