The “f” word, is it a big deal? Or is it something that people use to shock and awe?

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Hi, I’m Rob Anspach, come join me as I share with you this insight into the “f” word.

When I was growing up people didn’t say the “f” word. It was one of those words that maybe the teenagers talked about because it was cool but the adults not so much. As I got older I started teaching my kids about respecting elders, respecting others and using better language (not the foul language). Not the “f” word. If people really truly understood the definition of the “f’ word I think they would stop using it altogether. The problem is in this vernacular we have now, the “f” word is kind of like the old Smurf’s cartoon, “Smurfity, smurf, smurf”. It sounds funny. It sounds offensive when it’s coming out of someone with intelligence.

Now I understand that some speakers like to use to “shock and awe” but in reality its not a word that should be used. I guess it’s used to express anger or annoyance or contempt, maybe even impatience, surprise or simply some emphasis. The problem is it’s not a word that reflects any of those. It’s a word that means to have “sexual intercourse” with someone and that is one of the harshest words you can use in the English language or any language.

So when speakers get up on stage or celebrities say it, it doesn’t make them more intelligent, it doesn’t make them sound cool (maybe to a 15 year old) it makes them sound stupid. It makes them sound rude. It makes them sound like they have no idea the words they are supposed to be using.

Everyone of us may not be to the intellectual level each other is but we have enough vocabulary words in our repertoire that we would never have to use the “f” word again. It’s up to you. Do you want to sound rude, crude and ignorant? Or do you want to sound semi-intelligent to the audience you’re speaking to? Stop using the “f” word.

Anyway this is Rob Anspach, you may not have found this helpful, but maybe it bought some new meaning to what you’re supposed to be out there telling people. Sharing with people. Posting on social. Remember who’s following you; kids, parents, priests, rabbis and school teachers. They don’t want to see that word. Just show some respect. Talk you later.

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