In 1998 after 3 years of having my carpet cleaning business I sent an email to my former boss (who’s carpet cleaning biz I left in 1994 to start my own) that I was considering selling the business and would he hire me.

That was my rock bottom moment in my entrepreneurial life.

I was supposed to meet him a week later. I never met him.

Fate would put me on a different track.

You see, in that moment of desperation, I still knew I could be a better entrepreneur. And I knew giving up on my dream to go back to work for my former boss was really not an option.

But I had to send that email. I had to experience that rock bottom moment.

Almost 10 minutes after I sent that email I picked up the phone and called Piranha Marketing, Inc and I talked to Anthony Policci. You see Tony and his brother Joe Polish taught carpet cleaners all over the globe the power of direct response marketing.

I took to marketing like a sponge to water. I studied everything I could.

For the next 17 years I grew that carpet cleaning business using the marketing I learned from Tony & Joe and others like Jay Abraham, Lee Milteer, Dan Kennedy, Steve Sipress, Joe Sugarman and many others. Along the way I started teaching others what I knew…then I started writing books. In 2014, I sold the cleaning business and devoted my time to helping entrepreneurs across the globe understand authority marketing.

My desperation to not sell my soul back to my former employer was the driving force in me learning marketing and making me who I am today. And for 25 years I have been fighting that demon that tells me to give up and go work for someone.

Success doesn’t come easy. And sometimes the path changes. I started out as a disgruntled employee who thought he could do it better. I took the experience I gained as an employee and started a business. But I didn’t understand how to market the business. And I almost gave up. But now over 2 decades later…I’ve authored, coauthored or produced 30 plus books. And those original mentors I learned from (Anthony Policci, Lee Milteer, Joe Sugarman, Steve Sipress) have become great friends.

So why do I share this with you?

I share it to give you an understanding that your entrepreneurial journey may take awhile. Your path may change several times. But the friends you meet and learn from will be the key to you creating a better life for yourself.

And without that rock bottom moment I wouldn’t have learned marketing and Anspach Media wouldn’t exist. 

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