It’s not just about optimizing your site, it’s also about protecting those links that drive traffic back to your site.

When updating your website it’s crucial you have an idea of where your pages are showing up and how the search engines are displaying those pages.

I have seen way too many website owners decide they are going to update their site or switch domains and they forget about the outcomes of doing so.

The longer your site is LIVE on the internet the more engrained into the search engines it becomes. Your pages get picked up and indexed into search engines everywhere.

So when updating your site, rebranding it, changing it in anyway make sure you think about where your pages are and what will happen if those pages disappear.

I’ll tell you what happens…

When a person searching clicks on the page link displayed and that page is no longer on the website, the person searching usually receives a “page not found” message.

Not good.

Recently we helped several clients who had hundreds of pages to their sites transition through their rebranding. We made sure all the pages that were embedded in the search engines pointed to the new pages created.

Now when people search even if they are landing on an old URL link, that link is pointed to the new website where they can find the proper information.

So make sure when you are rebuilding or rebranding your website you take into account all the pages that are driving traffic to your site. Otherwise it’ll be like starting all over with your SEO efforts and your traffic will be dismal until the search engines index those new links.

Rob is an experienced Social Media Strategist, SEO Expert, Author, Corporate Ghostwriter, Speaker and Trust Creator who can transform and monetize your brand. He's the author of "Social Media Debunked", "Share: 27 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Experience, Build Trust and Attract Followers" and "Lessons From The Dojo: 101 Ways To Improve Your Life, Business and Relationships" and the coauthor of "Optimize This: How Two Carpet Cleaners Consistently Beat Web Designers On The Search Engines", "The #AskDrA Book Series: Easy & Practical Answers To Enjoying Life As A New Sleever", "No Experience Necessary: Social Media For The Boomers, Gen X-ers & The Over 50 Entrepreneur" and "Power Guesting: Insider Secrets To Profit From Being A Great Podcasting Guest." Rob works inside corporations across the globe, helping companies generate new revenue and capture online business. Rob is also available to share talks and give interviews. To learn more and to get started visit or call Anspach Media at (412)267-7224 today.