I’ve had 5 people call me this week wanting me to help them write their book.

One said hell yeah.
Three are thinking it over (aka probably don’t have the money, but “thinking it over” sounds more polite).
And one blatantly, said, “wow, I had no f’ing idea you charge so much.”
Don’t you just love that honesty.
Haha. The person who said that drives a $50k vehicle, has 4 rental properties and doesn’t really seem to have a concept of what hard working people should earn.
To him, the cheaper he can get something the better. So in essence it’s not that he couldn’t afford me, its that he thinks I shouldn’t make that kind of money
Hey, there will always people who either can’t afford you or don’t want you to make as much as them. 
If you cater to those people, they will suck the joy out of what you do, waste your time, demand more from you than what you agreed on and tell all their friends you ripped them off.
Don’t focus on trying to even convert them. Charge what you’re worth.
Focus instead on delivering value to those who really want your service.
Those will be the ones who ignite your passion, give you purpose and allow you to live your best life.

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